Syllabi for Professor Stuart Rachels' classes at the University of Alabama can be found on e-learning.

Study Advice for Students

  Attend every class, and do every reading.
  Recopy your notes after each class.
  When you read, don't use a highlighter. Highlighters deaden thought. Instead, underline important things with a pen or pencil. And use that pen or pencil to write your ideas and reactions in the margin of the book.
  Let me know if you have questions about the material as those questions arise.
  Finish the readings at least two nights before the exam.
  Find time to study for the exam in our classroom itself. You'll remember better later, sitting in the same room.
  Find a friend to study with, but only if the friend is doing well in the course, and only if you really can study together.
  Get a good night's sleep before the exam. Study the night before the exam rather than the morning of the exam. Sleep consolidates learning.
  In taking multiple-choice exams, first uncover the question and see if you can think of the answer on your own. Then, uncover only one answer at a time, and ask yourself if it is right.
  Check your work before turning in the exam.