Lectures by James Rachels

Here are some lectures by James Rachels. He gave the first two in Cape Town, South Africa, in 1999:

        "Do Animals Have Moral Standing?"  (.pdf format)
        "Sex and Personal Privacy"  (.pdf format)

The next 13 are powerpoint presentations Jim gave to a class at the University of Richmond in 2002. Instructors who want to use them in their own classes may do so--we consider them in the public domain now.

        "Cloning"  (.ppt format)
        "Cognitive Illusions"  (.ppt format)
        "Darwin on Animals and Man"  (.ppt format)
        "Darwinian Revolution"  (.ppt format)
        "Duty of Beneficence"  (.ppt format)
        "Ethics Before Darwin"  (.ppt format)
        "Euthanasia"  (.ppt format)
        "Infanticide"  (.ppt format)
        "Killing and Letting Die"  (.ppt format)
        "Race in America"  (.ppt format)
        "Race in America II"  (.ppt format)
        "Utilitarianism"  (.ppt format)
        "Why are People Prejudiced?"  (.ppt format)